Manitou Micro Coil Mattress Set

On DisplaySKU: AMC1108/0015

Size: Twin
Style: Standard Foundation
Sale price$2,298.00


This single-sided Manitou mattress offers an exclusive technology that provides an edge-to-edge sleeping surface. In addition, there are 5 support zones for correct spinal alignment. This mattress utilizes pocketed coil throughout, providing deep, individualized comfort. 

This micro coil mattress does not stop at merely a pocketed coil sleep system, but includes even more coils! There are more than 1300 individual coils that sit at the top layer of the mattress providing a resilient and supportive layer of comfort. This mattress also offers the marvelous middle. The marvelous middle is a higher concentration of coil density allowing more support in the middle section of your mattress. 

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